Beyond online hate speech detection

Modera is an user-friendly WordPress plugin for easy detection and moderation of hate speech on your online forum or discussion. It was developed within project the Open Code for Hate-Free Communication (OpCode). 
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Artificial intelligence hate speech detection
  • Unlike most of hate speech detectors, our state-of-the-art AI model automatically detects hateful phrases and hateful context, not only words.
  • Automation helps forum moderators maintain community standards
User-friendly WordPress plugin
  • Detects hateful comments
  • Flags hateful comments for moderation upon submission  
  • Easy integration into your existing online forum
  • The plugin is free (no payment is required whatsoever)
continuous development
  • Anyone has a chance to report a mistake in detection
  • Each time the model corrects a mistake it learns something new
  • Modera never makes the same mistake twice
Transparency over censorship
  • AI (XAI) module educates users about hate speech online
  • Authors of hateful comment can request an explanation
  • Modera will custom explanation for them and send it automatically via e-mail
BETTER User experience
  • Minimal change to forum User Interface
  • Focus on the topic of discussion, avoid spiral of hate
  • Enable civil discussion under sensitive content
multilingual solution
  • English
  • Spanish
  • We hope to add more languages in the future (Romanian, Slovak, Polish, Estonian)


Try to write on our forum hateful comments and see what happens…

Download, install and activate the plugin for free.

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We will be happy to provide you with information about the project Op:code and our other activities. 

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